​​​Welcome to Africa Business Development Consultants. ABDC is a strategic provider of Sales and Business Development Solutions, to private and public listed small-cap companies and private equity funds and their portfolio companies, seeking to capture and grow business in Africa.  We provide strategic solutions, advisory services and support to owners and management teams - whom may not have the time or resource to dedicate to growing the business to maximise returns.  All engagements employ rigorous research and analysis; enabling clients to make informed decisions regarding performance and competitive position.


"Many businesses struggle to exploit Africa and often fail to build a healthy sales pipeline;

namely providing a good flow of quality leads,

contacts and meetings, proposals and contract wins" 

Africa Business Development Consultants HELPING YOUR COMPANY FIND ITS WAY into Africa.

22 Feb 2016 

ABDC launches it's new consultancy to support businesses "target Africa" for growth.

Corporate Business Development

"In large businesses corporate development is by

charter to a particular team and not a luxury smaller businesses can afford to dedicate time to"

Capture & Growth Strategies

"Expanding into / in growth markets like Africa

could be an effective way to leverage

your core business for growth"

Channel Strategies

"Choosing the right route to market, fostering loyalty & allocating resources across markets can be an ongoing challenge for businesses operating in dynamic Africa".

Latest leads

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Client Retention

  "It costs 5 times more to acquire a customer

than to retain a customer"

​                                                                             http://www.ipsos.com/loyalty

New Ventures

"Not all managers are business development experts;

nor have they the time and resource to dedicate to growing their business. This often leads to failure"

​                                                              www.moyak.com/

Please contact us for more information 

regarding the following leads

Africa Tenders

Libya: http://noc.ly/index.php/en/tenders-2

Africa New Ventures


​Congo: Mining, Exploration Gold/Diamonds

​Zambia: Investment, Bio-ethanol refinery

Competitor Analysis

  "If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself

you are certain to be in peril"

                                                                                      Sun Tzu: The Art of War

Market Risk Analysis

"In Africa market and operational risks are integral elements in the supply of goods and services and carrying out operations.  They cannot be wholly avoided, but can be planned for and managed"